What is the first electric car in history? many years ago

The electric car is now more and more appreciated, but few know that the first car created was born many years ago.

Although we’ve only been talking about it in an increasingly interested way for a short while, the electric car has actually been a unifying fact for years. You will be surprised and discover how the first car of this type was built until 1867.

electric car

We really have to turn back the time machine, and not just a little bit, in a year when Italy had only been united for six years and still had to complete the current preamble. there Germany It was still a simple association of kingdoms and football was nowhere close to reaching Italy.

In short, it was truly another world, but despite this, for the first time in history it was possible to give life to the first ever electric car. It was the physicist who first understood the possibility of the birth of an engine Gaston Plante.

The latter realized that lead could be the suitable metal to be able to create a battery of good energy, using electrodes that were immersed in sulfuric acid that had positive oxidation.

This made it possible to create a reversible battery that could be easily recharged. This was the first alternative 2 volts e It was the first electrical complex in history.

The invention dates back to the 1840s, but it took a long time 27 years In order to get to the long-awaited first Electric tricycle from history. It was the brilliant mind of the Austrian Franz Cavogelthe man who made full use of this battery to give away a small electric tricycle.

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The discovery was revolutionary, and thus allowed another great mind to perfect it further: Thomas Edison.

From tricycle to electric car: thanks to Edison

She was one of the greatest geniuses in the history of engineering and mechanics who created the first electric car in history, with Edison who worked hard on the so-called The pyromagnetic generator.

It was a small, prehistoric generator typically used in today’s cars, but in 1899 the long-awaited milestone occurred. Edison He understood how it was possible to feed an amount of energy into this generator capable of powering a car.

The battery is manufactured in Alkali nickel Which was considered very reliable and above all less dangerous than its bullet predecessor, and it was a pity that it was more expensive. This was precisely the reason why he tried to give life to both thermal and non-electric fuel-powered cars.

Edison tried to ask directly stronghold To take care of his great invention, but even such a giant as the United States did not dare to trust him.

After more than 100 years, the world has been completely turned upside down, with petrol cars now having to make more room for electric cars. Who knows what the world would be like if even then they wanted to be trusted Thomas Edison And his amazing creation.

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