What is Telegram used for? Why haven’t you downloaded it yet?

But what is Telegram used for? Why this? How many times have you heard your friends ask these questions? Well now is the time to send this very short article from UpGo right away. We just thought about that Evangelization some friends WhatsAppiani. Because Telegram is, first of all, a very valid alternative to WhatsApp. In fact, it is decidedly better. But Telegram is so much more than that. Besides being a messaging app, it is a real world.

But first and foremost we are still talking about it UpGogramOur Telegram channel, dedicated to Telegram. Our compass in the endless oceans of this ecosystem. By following UpGogram, you will receive our updates on Telegram news. You can follow the UpGogram channel at this link.

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Obviously, to follow UpGogram, you must have already downloaded Telegram, which is of course an app available for both Android and iOS. Hence, as we just explained, Telegram lets you do something other than WhatsApp. And it’s very important: follow the channels, then enjoy the content. Telegram is not just an instant messaging service but it is, as we said, a free world to discover interesting content.

Well … but also on Facebook, there are a lot of interesting pages …

Now buddy WhatsAppian The average might argue with that The WhatsApp There are no channels but there are a lot of interesting pages on Facebook. Yes that’s right. Too bad they weren’t seen. Or rather, viewing the content displayed on Facebook is subject to the ubiquitous algorithm. Which basically leads to two very annoying things: 1) It prefers paid content which by nature is often of questionable quality and always aims to sell something for us. 2) It constantly defines us to the point of providing us with content that, according to them, is compatible with our tastes. Taking away basic freedom: choosing what you see for yourself. And it’s a freedom Telegram gives us instead.

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So what is Telegram used for?

Telegram is used to send and receive messages but also to watch channels, especially if they are public. Channels are content feeds that can hold web links but also audio clips, videos, and messages. UpGo Channels (If you are looking for interesting channels to follow with your Telegram app See what we offer here nowIt allows you to receive updates from our websites first. Whenever we post something new, the Telegram channel is the best way to find out. Something as simple as it is practical.

But there are actually hundreds of thousands of thematic channels aimed at different target audiences. For each channel you can set whether or not you want to receive news notification. Every Telegram channel is a bit like a small website. As for this Telegram, it cannot be considered just an instant messenger. It is rather a parallel world, today in a balanced way, freer than others.

What do you think that? How do you use Telegram? What channels do you follow?

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