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Many are wondering how the 2022 Environmental Bonus will work, particularly with regard to the new rules for allocating the tax exemption. What are the jobs to be resolved? Let’s try to put together what’s new and evaluate it for one of the most used bonuses.

Environmental Reward Some very important changes have been made in relation to 2022. The works that have been accepted are many, in particular, the number has increased in relation to those that have been rehabilitated for energy. The new budget law extended the rule’s validity until December 31, 2024but also for all others that are part of the house bonus.

No important news about Building Rewards Access Requirements.

Ecobonus 2022: Here’s the news

CISA is super rewarding

Let’s see what Innovations related to the environmental reward introduced in the 2022 budget law. The major renovation relates to the extension of the full Home Bonus and Garden Renovation package, which has been extended through December 31, 2024. Regular rates have also been confirmed, which are:

  • 50% for fixtures, biomass and solar shading;
  • 65% for other types of expenses.

one of the Main requirements to apply for the Environmental Bonus is that the intervention in question is carried out on existing buildings or premises. The 110% environmental bonus can be used at the maximum rate until 2023. After that, the discount rates will decrease:

  • to 70% in 2024;
  • 65% in 2025.
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Ecobonus 2022: What businesses are allowed in the discount?


Now let’s see what works are acceptable in deduction with respect toEqupons 2022. They are qualified with 50% off% the following works:

  • Interventions related to window replacement including frames;
  • solar shields
  • biomass boilers
  • Condensing boilers, which are still permissible as long as they have an average seasonal efficiency of at least equal to that necessary for belonging to class A.

Finally, ascend to 65% off discount for the following interventions:

  • opaque casing insulation interventions;
  • heat pumps;
  • building automation systems
  • solar collectors for hot water production;
  • Heat pump water heater.
  • Hybrid generators, that is, consisting of a heat pump combined with a condensing boiler, are assembled at the factory and expressly designed by the manufacturer to work with each other.

Finally, the deduction rate increases from 70% to 85% for work to be carried out in apartment buildings.

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