What is it and what do you do to avoid it

There are new scam filter accounts raging on Whatsapp and across other communication platforms. Let’s see what it is and how to avoid it

Clear accounts scam
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for us Personal and banking data They are constantly under attack, which is why when we use our mobile devices we must always keep our guard to avoid unpleasant surprises.

In fact, if they end up in the wrong hands, they can be used for shady things tricks Or sell it in the underground world deep web. So let’s see how to identify these scams and tools that reveal themselves frequently.

Fraudulent clearing accounts: Here’s what you need to watch out for

The most common means that perpetrators exploit are, of course, The WhatsApp, through which many letters are received, sometimes even those of so-called bank branches orrevenue agency Or a boaster declaring easy earnings using celebrities as testimonials. The same procedure regarding Email ed sms.

If you come across these “connections”, you must first maintain clarity And don’t get caught up in the rush and fear of having to respond right away. Details that can make a difference and can allow you to save yourself from the trap.

In line with the times, in recent weeks it has been very fashionable Green Pass scam, Through a special link that is not clicked for any reason. It is good to remember that there is no alternative way to the one provided by the legislation to obtain the green certificate. And therefore, These scams in addition to being fake make the poor spend money unnecessarily (in fact, bank details are required).

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It is the deception mechanism that causes chaos among the Monte Paschi Siena agents. In practice, the fake message signed by MPS warns that at that moment an unknown device is connected to your existing account.

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To disconnect, the victim is invited to click on the link to access the bank’s website. Again this is a file fakeWhich, however, catches the customer by surprise, and often takes root willingly. This way they deliver to hacker His on a silver platter Bank details.

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