What is it and how does it work and expiration

VAT Number Bonus (or ISCRO) is a monthly contribution lasting six months for VAT number holders. Let’s see together what this facility consists of.

Introduced under the Budget Act 2021 also known as ISCRO (Exceptional compensation for income and continuity of operation), dated VAT bonus 2022 It is the target incentive for their private account who meet certain requirements

Let’s see together what it is as defined by INPS Circular No. 94 June 30, 2021.

VAT Reward 2022: What is it

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The Value Added Tax Rewardalso known as ISCROit’s a monthly contribution Ranging from Minimum €254.75 To the Maximum € 815.20 for 2022, equal to 25%on a semi-annual basis, of the most recent income from self-employment certified by the Revenue Agency.

The bonus Relating to the two-year period 2022-2023 The contribution is paid for a maximum period of six months to VAT number holders who have certain requirements.

VAT Reward Number 2022: Requirements and Application

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The Bonus for VAT numbers 2022or Escrocan be applied for by those whose income from the year prior to application less than 50% of the average self-employment income earned in the previous three years and must not exceed 8145 EUR.

In addition, to take advantage of the bonus, it is necessary:

  • be compatible with Compulsory contribution to social security;
  • to be Holders of an active tax number for at least four yearson the date of the application, for the activity that gave the right to be registered in the Pension Administration in progress
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there Request For the reward to be given to himsnooze exclusive electronically by October 31 every year To fill it out, you must have your Spid, your Electronic Identity Card (Cie), and your National Service Card (CNS). Otherwise, the service can be ordered through the service contact center Integrated, by calling the toll-free number 803164 from the fixed network or by calling 06 164164 from the mobile network.

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