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It is a pity that it is not England’s turn to organize all the major sporting events in this world. We can probably win them all. A year after the magical Wembley and Wimbledon mix, when the national team triumphed in the European Championship shortly after the historic Brittany final (lose, but well) on the world’s most famous green lawn, history is repeating itself, albeit in a slight (for the moment) tone. . This time around, it’s the asphalt at Silverstone that gives Ferrari the top prize for a potential recovery – the power is there, reliability and strategy a little less – before Jannik Sinner devoured the power plant turf and Alcaraz, his determined rival, a bit like Federer had Nadal and vice versa.

England brings oxygen to the athletes for the blue companies. The ones from yesterday are still incomplete, they don’t offer final titles or victories, but they have a good taste for recovery and the future as they reward two Wingmen, two Reserves, and two Subs. Sainz is for Leclerc, who rightfully won for Red’s strategy rewarding his Spanish teammate on the day Verstappen loses ground and points, and Sinner is compared to the absent Berrettini, if it is true that on the turf in the ATP circuit ever scooped a hit. Sainz won his first Grand Prix and for the first time Sinner will play the quarter-finals in London, with an increasingly clear horizon toward the final business: keep going.

The other lucky variable in the Azzurri’s successes on Sunday is Spain. It is a pity that this fate realizes him and decides to redistribute happiness at the expense of Citibelo. The Waterpolo world title goes to Iberia for a penalty, after Yannick overcame his Spanish egos and swept Ferrari with Madrid-born Sainz.

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