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TikToker has found a way to detox from social media: for its testimonial, all you need is an iPhone

Although cell phones have improved our quality of life in some ways, allowing us to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world or create new, highly profitable jobs (such as being an influencer), there are studies that show how staying on the phone for hours on end has. It also has harmful effects on the mental health of individuals, especially with regard to excessive scrolling of some applications, in general social networks.

A woman noticed how she was constantly scrolling through one video after another on her social channels, so she decided to do something about it and find a solution to the annoying problem. Ironically, he shared it all on TikTok, however, and found a lot of interest from users who immediately tried to understand how he did it. Are you curious about that too? Let’s find out what happened.

Women stop looking obsessively at social media thanks to this trick: if you have an iPhone, you can try it too

Tik Toker Ryann (known on Chinese social media as @ryannpdatsme) can be a go-to for all the people who are overly addicted to cell phones because she posted a video revealing her hoax on the matter. The clip goes back to a few days ago and the influencer admits to having implemented a very quick ‘hack’. In practice, he opted for the “grayscale” mode of his iPhone, effectively rendering his digital world black and white. This also helped her see the world more beautiful – the woman’s words.

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The phone’s black and white function helps people who are colorblind, but it can also reserve excellent surprises for people who want to detox from the livelier social networks like Instagram and TikTok. Ryan says she wanted to give it a try after Reddit was all over the place. Already after 48 hours, the woman claims she lost the habit of looking obsessively at her phone because of the dopamine hit that many experienced after scrolling through apps.

This trick works especially well for Instagram and TikTok reels because it eliminates the bright, fanciful colors that creators have created to get attention. And you? Would you try to set this mode to “grayscale”? We have good news even if you have an Android operating system: it is possible anyway, just go to the phone settings, in fact. We also assure you that it works, or so at least the dozens of users who commented on Ryann’s video testify. If you are a student in an exam session or a worker with challenging goals, we highly recommend Digital Detox.

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