What happens to someone who stops eating bread and pasta? Here are the consequences

Today we are still talking about diets low carb which refers to Reset the daily amount of carbohydrates. This type of diet is like ketoActually, she harmful. Lately, we’re also trying to remember how important it is to introduce everyone macronutrients in our daily requirements. In fact, including me carbohydrates.

What happens if we stop eating bread and pasta?

Of course, delete a file carbohydrates It’s tempting for anyone who wants it Weight loss. Seems like a quick and convenient solution, because a big reduction is able to achieve lose weight fast. But at what cost? Wrong, he thinks he’s wasted FatBut the opposite happens! Because? The carbohydrates It is incorporated into our bodies in the form of glycogen; per gram from glycogen Weight accumulates in water three to four times. That’s why at that time Get rid of carbohydratesThe body uses glycogen and accumulates less water.

So what we think is fat being burned, it really is Water!

Carbohydrates are the main ingredient An energy source for the brain. They give us energy and vitality to use throughout the day. When we reduce it too much, or worse, delete it, the The brain has consequences. This is what happens with the big discount of carbohydrates: Fat burns on the fire of carbohydrates and if the latter is not present, then Metabolism From the former it freezes and stops at a level Chitonal corpsesthat enter the circulatory system and accumulate. They are toxic to the body and burn muscle which reduces fat mass. Even if it’s hard, the brain can still use it. the result is like the flu. Additionally, by eliminating carbohydrates, both Our available capacity will inevitably decrease and Performance will be reduced.

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When our body does not receive carbohydrates, our body is affected too mental safety. We also talk about the level of focus. Do you know, in fact, That the main source of brain energy comes from carbohydrates?

The benefit of pasta

Contrary to popular belief, the pasta Eaten in the evening doesn’t make you fat, e Helps sleep. Recent studies have shown that the consumption of pasta improve comfortEspecially if you are going through a tough time.


pasta bread do not harm our health, So that it is consumed without exceeding. Whole flour can be used as a substitute for refined flour. There is no need to exclude either of them, because in some cases excessive consumption of fiber prevents the absorption of mineral salts.

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