What happens to someone who eats garlic for fever, cough and stomach pain? Wonderful

The allicin in good garlic has antibacterial properties. Scientists believe that eating garlic contains antivirals that can work in two ways. Garlic prevents viruses from entering cells and strengthens the immune response so that it can effectively fight off potential invaders.

What do you eat when you have a fever?

When you have a fever, make sure you eat foods that are suitable for your stomach. In cases of fever, look for those that are rich in nutrients that the body needs so much. With a fever, nothing can provide the body with the nutrients it needs more often than vegetables. It is the idea that vegetables are thoroughly cooked to make them easier to digest from a weak stomach. Otherwise, you may end up with stomach pain.

What do you eat when you cough?

Honey is a traditional cough remedy. Some studies have shown that it is effective against coughing. It is able to reduce the frequency of attacks and has the same effectiveness as some pharmacological substances. In case of persistent cough, swallowing a teaspoon of honey has a sedative effect. Grandma’s classic remedy was to drink warm milk and honey. The latter can also be taken alone, or dissolved in a glass of warm water with lemon.

What do you eat when you have an upset stomach?

The most important thing is to stick to foods that are high in soluble fiber and low in insoluble fiber. Hey there something sweet, and there are two types of fruit in particular that can help soothe the stomach: bananas and apples. Just mix them into the sauce. It has been proven that apple pectin prevents excessive stimulation of the intestines, and thus slows down the frequency of diarrhea. Other simple foods that can be added to the menu are potatoes, oatmeal, and even crackers.

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What does a good garlic contain?

The National Cancer Institute argues that garlic is a food with potential anti-cancer properties. A garlic bulb contains about 400 different healing components of the human organism. The other components of garlic are beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin. The active ingredient in garlic is allicin, which has powerful antiseptic properties. Several compounds in good garlic reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Here are the minerals that garlic contains:

  • football.
  • Vero.
  • magnesium.
  • phosphorous;
  • potassium;
  • sodium.
  • zinc;
  • copper.
  • manganese;
  • selenium;

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