What happens to MMO ammo? The number of active players has been halved

According to the latest results from SteamCharts, the number of players in new world It’s almost halved compared to the number of active users registered in the launch phase of the massive MMO developed by Amazon Game Studios.

Data emerging from SteamCharts stats indicates a sharp drop in the number of fans daily exploring the fantasy dimension of Aeternum: the latest estimates point to a daily maximum peak of About 400,000 players simultaneously, and a number of users are far from 900,000 players registered Connected to the new world accessed when MMO servers are unlocked.

Another “sign of fatigue” is the polls on how many players he has Achieve the new world level cap: According to the latest statistics, in fact, only 8% Online RPG shoppers have taken their alter ego to Level 60, despite the fact that a month has passed since the release of “version 1.0”.

As often happens in the MMO field, the sudden drop in the number of active players has to be considered a ‘physiology’ of newly launched continuous development projects that still have to be structured of their own. Endgame scaffolding between PvP and PvESo it’s still too early to tell the end of the “digital honeymoon” between fans of the genre and Amazon’s new role-playing adventure. While waiting to see a possible “bounce” or further decrease in the number of users connected to the world of Aeternum, we leave you to share with us Guide with tricks to explore a new world.

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