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American financier George Soros is about to hand over his $25 billion empire to his son, Alexander. Last December, the board of directors of the Soros Open Society elected the 37-year-old as president: Alexander is also the chair of Soros’ political action committee, the Wall Street Journal recalls. He is also the only family member on the investment committee that controls the management of the Soros Fund, the company that manages the fund and the family’s money. According to a spokesperson for the businessman, most of the $25 billion in the next few years will go to the Open Society Foundation. At the same time, nearly $125 million will go to the Political Action Committee. The foundation manages nearly $1.5 billion annually for human rights groups around the world and helps build democracies. Foundation funds also go to universities and other educational institutions.

Soros and Brody blessed her.  Overwhelmed Schlain, a New Democratic secretary

“We think the same way with my dad,” Alex’s first words, who then explained: “I’m more of a politician than he is.” Young recently met with Biden administration officials, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and several heads of state, including Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to advocate on issues related to starting a family.

Soros is behind Trump's attorney general accusation.  Donations pop up

Alex also said he worried about the potential return of Donald Trump to the White House, which would lead to the foundation taking an important financial role in the 2024 presidential race. For years, those close to George believed that George’s half-brother, Jonathan Soros, was destined to succeed Alex. 52 years old, a lawyer with a financial background. Tall and athletic, Jonathan played tennis with his father, worked for a time at the foundation, and stabilized Soros’ hedge fund during troubled times. Choosing Alex, a hip-hop fan and New York Jets fan would have once been considered a gamble, reads the Wall Street Journal reconstruction.

Rebus Schlain, Friends of the United States and Sikh Democracy Minister

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