What happens to bank employees?

While the face-to-face confrontation with Unicredit continues, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena announces the closure of 50 union branches across Italy, while respecting the constraints set out in the 2017-2021 restructuring plan approved by the European Commission.

In the letter sent to trade union representatives, MPS said it was “hereafter available to meet, even electronically, for any further examination and examination”. The “rationalization” of the distribution network which, if on the one hand raising the stakes for the survey of the Institute, certainly does not satisfy hundreds of workers, more than 21,000 spread in about 1,400 branches across the country.

As for previous similar operations, immigration On branches that will house MPS employees It will happen after any temporary shift to advanced branches without accounting independence, in relation to specific operational and commercial needs, and will be accompanied by interventions of a commercial nature and organizational processes aimed at minimizing the impact on customers.

Banca Mps, who closes their branches and where

With the aim of reducing the effects of maneuvering, the migration of relationships into two complementary branches of some branches was envisaged.

By implementing the initiative, out of a total of 843 resources – of which 2 are loaned from Banca Widiba, 4 from Mpscs and 1 from Mps L&F – the Siena giant estimates ‘Launch’ about 70 resources which will always be used in the trading network.

Anyway, about 50 branches will be closed, Especially in the north center. Nothing is official yet, given that Unicredit, led by Andrea Orsel, has been evaluating for weeks whether and how to acquire the oldest bank founded in Siena in 1472.

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The only certain thing, which Urcel repeats firmly, is that Incorporation of Mps into Unicredit shall be capital neutral and maximizing value. For this reason, it is very likely that Mcc will take over the field as well, to take over at least 150 of the Unicredit’s excluded branches, located primarily between Puglia and Sicily.

union strike on september 24

Meanwhile, on September 17, the Monte dei Paci trade union associations began to prepare for september 24 strikeWith business network meetings. On the twenty-second of this, it will be the turn of the General Administration of Siena.

According to the unions, the maximum degree of anti-union behavior will be formed, so that the premise of recourse to Article 28 of the Labor Code will be considered.

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