What happens if you eat a banana a day? Here it is

After the apple, the banana is the most widespread and culturally popular fruit in the public imagination as well as one of the most “influential” fruits on the economies of countries where such exploitation has been able to grow effectively. Nutritionally, bananas are a beneficial fruit because they are essentially “complete,” or nearly complete, but what happens when you eat one a day?

What happens if you eat a banana a day? Here it is

We are talking about the banana berry, one of the tropical plants that over the past few centuries has found greater prevalence in countries adapted to a climate precisely thanks to the very important demand for this fruit, a demand often rooted in the most disparate uses .

Eating a banana a day is a good idea, especially if it is eaten for breakfast: it is a fruit rich in mineral salts, including potassium, as well as calcium and magnesium, all of which are useful elements for strengthening the body, thanks to its protein content. And from the natural sugars of the fruit, in this case, to obtain positive effects, it is necessary to resort to sufficiently ripe fruits. When the banana turns yellow in the peel, it is considered suitable for consumption.

Ripening does not stop after planting and takes place through the action of an enzyme that actually transformsstarch sugar content in the pulp.

Eating a banana daily is also an excellent remedy to counteract the risk of heart diseases such as heart attacks and strokes thanks to the presence of potassium, which reduces the risk of blocks in the heart.

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Overall, it is a fruit that should not be lacking in the diet of anyone who is not allergic to this variety, and is particularly suitable for athletes.

One serving per day is enough to provide an excellent nutrient complex without affecting body weight.

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