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Today, Thursday, March 16, is the last day to proceed with the payment of the VAT Balance 2022. Those who opted for payment in one solution are required to pay the full amount, while those who requested payment in first installment installments will see the installment expire today. Let’s see in detail how to do this and what happens if this is not implemented.

ends today March 16, 2023 Time required to initiate payment VAT balance 2022the tax due based on what appeared on your 2023 income tax return. All persons filing tax greater than 10.33 euros.

Let’s see in the following article the payment methods and what happens to those who do not.

VAT Balance 2022: Today Deadline

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today March 16th Coincides with VAT balance due 2022 I got out of the income statement for 2023. We remind you that all those who registered with a tax higher than 10.33 euros. The fulfillment is valid for each of those who have chosen to pay in one solutionAnd for those who decided to pay the amount in installments: in this case the deadline is linked to the first payment.

VAT Balance 2022: How to Pay

the Pay the VAT balance It must be done exclusively through Model F24 electronicallydirectly by the interested party or through an authorized intermediary. For payment purposes, the following services may be used:

  • F24 Onlineis available to taxpayers who have the “secret code” to enable the service;
  • F24 cumulativeavailable to those responsible for the electronic transmission of advertisements who intend to make online payments of amounts owed by their clients by direct debiting from the current bank accounts of the latter or on the current account of the broker himself;
  • home banking systems Connected to the Corporate Banking Service (CBI) of the banking system or other home banking systems offered by credit institutions or Poste Italiane SpA
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Form F24: what to indicate

For the purpose of compiling a file Model F24 it will take Indicates In the “Tax Revenue” section:

  • tax code “6099”;
  • tax code “1668” For interest in installments (if installments are selected)
  • the number of installments paid and the total number of installments (eg, “0106” for the first installment of 6, “0101” if payment in a single solution was chosen);
  • reference year “2022”;
  • L’amount of the VAT balance due.

Unpaid VAT balance: what happens

Revenue Agency 1200 & # 215;  675

If you have not made a payment by the day, or in the case of partial payments, you can activate the so-called Active repentancewhich allows the taxpayer to settle omitted or lost payments or other violations committed, by paying interest, in addition to tax, at the legal rate, as well as Punishment anticipated violation.

The penalty will be mentioned above reduced depending on the timing of the omitted payment or non-performance in relation to the original deadline, and will be equal to:

  • in1% of the unpaid tax For each day of delay, if settlement is made within 14 days
  • to 15% of the unpaid taxif payment is made Between the fifteenth and ninetieth day of the following day;
  • to 30% of the unpaid taxif payment is made after i 90 days late.

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