What happens if I withdraw less than 50 euros? Now it can cost you a lot

Beware of ATM withdrawals, they can now cost you dearly.

Important news on the horizon regarding ATM withdrawals. Soon there will be changes to fees and withdrawals. Let’s find out what it is.


use the ATM To withdraw money from our accounts or our cards have become a habit for everyone. In recent years, governments of different countries have worked for Limit the use of cash as much as possible, to make transactions increasingly traceable and secure.

To make a cash withdrawal in many cases a small percentage or flat fee is required. In this particular aspect, some credit institutions may introduce certain innovations soon. Let’s find out in detail what it is.

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Why withdraw more than 50 euros at the counter?

Several lenders, including Ing, have announced that from July this year, their clients will have to do so. Say goodbye to ATM withdrawals. In fact, the Dutch banking group is preparing to close its branches and for this reason will rely on other credit institutions for withdrawals.

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This, however, will also lead to a change in the conditions for withdrawing cash from ATMs. In detail, if you intend to withdraw amounts less than 50 euros, you will have to pay for the service even if the account holders. The only distinction will be for customers who opened the account before 2018 and those who went through the same process afterwards.

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With regard to the first, they will be exempted from paying for the service if they make a withdrawal of more than 50 euros; While it will be 50 cents if the withdrawal is less. On the other hand, the flat fee will be 75 cents per All ATMs in Italy For customers who opened an account after 2018.

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