What happened on the Capitol yesterday

Less than three months after the congressional attack, the United States is back to discuss the safety of Parliament and its members after a man in a car tried to break through the roadblocks on Friday afternoon. .

Then the man got out of the car armed with a knife and threatened the officers who shot him. He later died in hospital of his wounds. The two officers involved belong to the United States Capitol Police, the police force that deals specifically with the protection of members of the US Congress and the Parliament. Slain agent named William Evans: He’s been a part of the police force for 18 years.

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The man driving the car was named Noah Green, he was 25 years old and had no criminal record. Investigators don’t yet know the cause of the attack, but they have no reason to talk about terrorism: Robert J. Conte, Washington, DC’s chief of police, explained. On his Facebook account, which is now disabled, Green recently reported experiencing multiple personal problems in the final months of the pandemic, thus leaving his job, facing “fear, hunger and poverty.”

Green also described himself as a supporter of Louis Farrakhan, the controversial leader of the Nation of Islam, A political movement – equally controversial – preaches and preaches the emancipation of blacks through an original interpretation of Islam. The activist Malcolm X. He was the leader of the group before some of his members dismissed him and killed him.
According to the movement’s theories, descendants of Africans brought into the United States as slaves should revert to the traditions and the dominant religion in their countries of origin, namely Islam (it must be emphasized that the Islam proposed by the movement has profound differences compared to “traditional” Islam). Initially, the movement – founded in the 1930s – also advocated the need for an independent black state in North America.
Green also spoke on Facebook about “the end of the world” and about the Antichrist. Green was born in West Virginia with a degree in finance.

(AP Photo / Alex Brandon)

These days, the US Parliament is suspended due to the Easter holidays, but the area has been isolated for a few hours.
The incident reopened discussions about the security of the Congressional district. Most recently, some of the roadblocks and fences added after the January 6 attack have been removed, and many lawmakers, especially Republicans, have proposed easing security measures.
Some Democrats commented that the attack confirms that the Parliament district still needs protection and that it may be dangerous to leave it vulnerable.

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President Joe Biden demanded that White House flags be placed in the center, and so did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with the flags of the Capitol Complex.

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