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One of the points of Eli Schlein’s secretariat is the lack of continuity with the party always oriented towards governance. Veronica Gentile starts from the left turn of the Democratic Party in the Saturday, April 8th episode of Controcorrente, the program broadcast on Rete 4. “What amazes me is that the Democratic Party is positioning itself against issues of identity such as the LGBT campaigns without thinking about the heart of the political debate in Europe” says Marcelo Foa, former president of Ray.

Reeds and rainbow battles and love for the USSR: this is Schlein's Secretariat

Just look at what’s happening in France, where protests are raging over Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform. “The Socialist Party has literally disappeared and when you listen to Jean-Luc Mélenchon one gets the impression that he is trying to restore the relationship with the historical basis of the party – continues Foix – and explains the social malaise that grips France but also other countries.” “I get the impression that this Pd of Schlein increasingly comes from Ztl and has no direct, tangible relationship with the rest of the country”, he concludes, “I don’t think this Pd is able to intercept this malaise”.

Khan's founding values.  Who Says Goodbye to Schlein: The Escape from the Democratic Party Has Begun

Tommaso Labati of Corriere della Sera says that in recent years some parties have objected to instability without doing anything: “The Democratic Party will do well in the European elections because it is in opposition.

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