What functions can be performed by additional verandas, balconies and pergolas and how to make the most of them

What balconies, pergolas and balconies provide, which posts can be requested and when: What applicable laws and clarifications say

What functions can be performed by additional verandas, pergolas and balconies?

According to the provisions of the laws in force, the bonuses that can be obtained for verandas, pergolas and balconies are basically two, a 50% premium on the environment and a building renovation bonus (to which the furniture bonus is linked), which can be used for restructuring works, maintenance or rebuilding of structures External or installation of external structures capable of ensuring greater energy efficiency.

What functions can be performed with additional verandas, pergolas and balconies and how to make the most of them? To create pergolas, gazebos, or work on porches, there are still many bonuses available that you can take advantage of, each dedicated to performing different jobs, including simple regular maintenance, or new installations. Let’s see what they are and what to expect.

  • Honors Bonus 2023 What it offers and its conditions
  • Restructuring of bonuses and bonuses of furniture for porches, balconies and pergolas
  • Pergolas jobs and bonuses and requirements to obtain them

Honors Bonus 2023 What it offers and its conditions

when you decide Do the work on your balcony To close the outdoor spaces by installing balconiesone should generally Ask for permission to build from the local municipalityBecause it is a function that contributes to increasing and modifying the size of the house.

Thus, the work on the balcony is not part of the interventions in free construction. However, according to the provisions of a recent new law, there may also be cases where planning permission is not required to build a veranda on the terrace.

According to the new law, in fact, it is possible to build a veranda to completely close the veranda without any permit or any other bond and building permit if the closures are transparent and movable, as in the case of Vepa balconies.

These are special fixtures that are able to ensure the energy efficiency of the house because they reduce heat loss from the balcony and improve acoustic performance and being movable structures, and therefore located within a free building, they do not require the requirement to request a building permit.

However, if the veranda constructed to close the veranda is fixed and made of non-moving materials, such as masonry, it is always necessary to seek permission to build from the relevant municipality and without building permits, anyone who builds a veranda to close the veranda may lead to a building violation.

For the installation of these types of balconies for closing balconies there is a specific one Porch rewards: Taking into account that it is a matter of installing panoramic windows that allow reducing heating costs because these types of balconies are able to capture heat and then make it available in the indoor environment and at night prevent its dispersion by creating a buffer zone to protect the house, allowing you to save on the bill, you can benefit from 50% bonus for window installation costs.

Restructuring of bonuses and bonuses of furniture for porches, balconies and pergolas

When you have to carry out construction work on the verandas and pergolas in your home garden or on the balcony, under certain conditions, you can also take advantage of the renewal bonus valid for new construction work, such as restoring or rebuilding the outer structure.

Anyway it is about Building renovations which it is possible to use Renovation bonus and associated furniture bonusTo furnish, for example, an outdoor terrace. The renovation bonus is valid, in fact, for normal maintenance works of the common parts of the building, extraordinary maintenance works, renovation and restoration of the building and conservative restoration works, it provides a tax deduction of 50% for those who carry out a building renovation of their property up to a maximum of 96 thousand euros, which can be used In 10 annual installments of the same amount, and it can be requested by anyone who intends to renovate their home.

Pergolas jobs and bonuses and requirements to obtain them

Another bonus available if you decide to make a pergola in your garden or on the balcony is50% environmental bonus Which applies to businesses with a maximum amount of deductible expenses equal to 60 thousand euros. The 50% tax deduction allows, in fact, the reimbursement of expenses for the purchase and construction of solar shading systems, such as pergolas and bioclimatic pergolas.

For the construction or modification of the pergola structure, as well as the veranda, you can make the most of the environmental bonus of 50% If the work is carried out in an integrated manner with the building envelope and movable screens Installable and removable.

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