What foods accelerate aging and harm health

The results of a recent study show how Eating so-called “ultra-processed” foods not only negatively affects our health, but also accelerates the cellular aging process..
Over the centuries, the food we eat every day has undergone remarkable development, especially in recent years. The way we eat, in addition to being an important cultural and social component, also greatly affects our health.

In 2017, more than 10 million people lost their lives due to malnutrition. Even though our ancestors lived very active lives (just think they were hunter-gatherers), they consumed very few calories, and they all came from unprocessed foods. Today, on the contrary, we live a sedentary life but consume a lot of calories that we eat from highly processed and processed foods.

Consuming ultra-processed foods accelerates cell aging because these foods are low in macronutrients but high in calories, so they promote oxidation.. This leads to an increased risk of disease in the medium and long term.

A diet based on fresh foods such as vegetables, which contain high amounts of phytochemicals, helps fight emergence of free radicals. These micronutrients also reduce damage to cells over time.

In addition to fats with anti-inflammatory properties, ultra-processed foods contain other substances that are harmful to health. Example Acrylamide, which is a waste product from exposing starch to high temperatures. this matter To speed up damage andCell aging. Its regular intake is associated with an increased risk of complex diseases, such as cancer, as you mentionedInternational Journal of Cancer. Ultra-processed foods, fried foods, and batter can all contain acrylamide.

Ultra-processed foods also contain High in fat and sugar. This increases their energy density and worsens markers associated with metabolic health. Excessive consumption of hydrogenated sugars and fats is also harmful to the microbiota, leading to problems with the digestive system and nutrient assimilation.

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