What fish to eat to prevent heart disease: experts speak

To prevent heart disease, it is good to eat fish. Yes, but not all types of fish. Let’s see what the experts say.

Fish is good for health
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We know that when we think of health we must also think of eating well. A varied and balanced diet is an important component of staying healthy. Giving the body all the substances it needs allows it to function in the right way.

In particular, experts always advise to include in the diet fish. Of course, it should not always be taken, the recommended dose is once or twice a week. However, not all fish are created equal. If we want to think about the health of our heart, for example, and avoid diseases like heart attacks, we need to know which fish can prevent them and which ones can’t.

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Many studies have been done on this topic and the conclusions seem quite clear. So let’s see below what kind of fish to eat to prevent heart disease.

Eating fish to prevent heart disease: Here’s the option to choose

healthy fish
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We are now aware of the fact that eating fish is good for you. However, not all fish have the same effect on health. The study in question comes from the diabetology team at the Federico II Clinic in Naples. Professor Olga Vaccaro led the researchers and made important statements about what they found.

The team analyzed nearly 1 million people over a period of 4 to 40 years. They find that eating it once or twice a week on a regular basis fat fish Reduce the risk of ischemic heart disease by 17%. On the other hand, lean fish does not increase the risks but does not have any benefits for the heart. This happens because the so-called fatty fish is rich in omega-3, it contains up to 10 times more than lean fish.

Fatty fish are mackerel, sardines and anchovies. While the so-called lean fish are crustaceans, cod and sea bass. Fatty fish is also called blue fish, while lean fish is referred to as white fish.

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Do you think that the fact that fatty fish is good for heart health is also very important to the marine ecosystem. the teacher. Vaccaro said that smaller fish with a short life cycle such as herring and anchovies are more sustainable than the more valuable fish that are heavily fished.

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