What documents do you need? From billing to self-certification and instructions

Employee Invoice Bonus, What Documents Do You Need? From billing to self-certification, Revenue Agency Circular n. 35 dated November 4, 2022. Invoices placed for various subjects may also be repaid, under specific circumstances.

Bonus billspayment up to 600 euros to employees With the employer’s need to get specific and keep Leaves.

to provide instructions To expand the substantive scope of the application of tax concessions in the matter corporate welfare It wasrevenue agencyWith Circular No. 35 of November 4, 2022.

The Bonus bills Optionally recognized by companies for their employees necessitates the need to Keep the bills With respect to amounts paid which, under specified circumstances, may be Also presented to different topics from the beneficiary.

green light tooThe employee’s self-certification about the expenses incurred.

Bonus Bills: What Documents Do You Need? From billing to self-certification and instructions

The employer will be required to obtain Leaves Justify the amount spent by the employee in relation to Electricity, gas and water bills During 2022, if the relevant bonus is cashed in paychecks up to €600.

In compliance with the indications regarding the protection of personal data, invoices are included among the accepted assets in the procedures corporate welfare So it will entail the need for Save it for future checks Documents evidencing expenses incurred, for example Paid bills.

Alternatively, the employer can also obtain one Compensating declaration of goodwillwhere the beneficiary of the invoice reward will have to Possession of documents is authorized Pay local utilities. Self-certification should indicate the elements needed to identify invoices, such as invoice number, holder, type of user, amount, date and method of payment.

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These are the useful instructions for employers and workers contained in Revenue Agency Circular on November 4, 2022 in corporate sponsorship.

The employer is also required to have one too Compensating declaration of goodwill, in which it appears that the bills were not actually the subject of requests for reimbursement from other employers. The worker is responsible for keeping the relevant documents.

Bonus invoices also for invoices issued to persons other than employees

Again with respect to the documents useful for obtaining exemption from the amounts recognized by means of reimbursement of domestic utilities, the Revenue Agency specifies that it Invoices issued to different people are also valid By the employee, provided that the spouse or other family members referred to byArticle 12 of TUIR.

So space too Bills for children, for examplefor parents, brothers or sisters, and in general, for all the articles referred to in Article 433 of the Civil Code.

Green light on bonus bills also for Invoices issued to the lessorprovided that Expenses are charged analytically for the worker.

A bonus of up to €600 on bills of real estate owned or maintained by the employee, spouse or other family members

Returning to the ocean of goods and services included in the corporate welfare measures, the Revenue Agency sets that paragraph 3 ofArticle 51 of TUIR proves that these also include those related to The employee’s spouse or family members referred to in Article 12.

Thus the invoice reward can be recognized in respect of the expenses incurred Residential real estate owned or owned by the employee, spouse, or family membersEven if their place of residence or domicile has not been established in them.

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Green light also in Local users on behalf of the condominium It is subject to subsequent distribution, such as for water consumption and for its purposes heating.

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