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Covid recedes. His step is slow, but in fact, it seems less disturbed. However, it can always be positive, and then here’s what to do.

It seems to make us breathe a little. It really has to be said after two years of sobering up and with the mask on it looks pretty good on our face. It is always best to keep a mask on hand but there is no doubt that things are better now.

It is likely that we will be able to put the greatest emergency in the album of memories, and certainly in those memories that are most shocking and traumatic. Even now that things are so much better, covid positivity can falter. So what do we do?

Covid, that day that changed our lives

It was March 9, 2020 When he was the then prime minister, Joseph ConteHe declared the entire nation on “lockdown”. Our signature shoe was completely red, in the midst of a “fever” we knew nothing about. That day marked the lives of millions of people, and since that day, beyond 180,000 Our citizens died from the virus.

More than two and a half years later, the virus continues to spread. He has changed his appearance several times, disguising himself so as not to be recognized but thanks to vaccinations and a massive vaccination campaign, he is far less terrifying. But even today you can be at risk of infection, so here’s what to do if you test positive for Covid. The virus today is different, but we are different too.

It was the vaccine, whatever someone said, that made us stronger and that made it possible to put an end to the state of emergency. Now the rules must be reformulatedSpallanzani Institute Rome, after assessing the new situation associated with COVID-19and send it to Ministry of Health A kind of note containing the new rules to be followed in case of infection with the virus.

The new rules

Change the general situation, change the rules. For those who tested positive Home isolation will always be five days from the disturbing discovery. The five-day isolation period applies to both asymptomatic people and those with mild symptoms, ie without fever. However, in either case, you should always use the mask until you come back negative.


What’s new is that to leave the house now you don’t need a negative swab, but the insight to always use a mask still remains.. We are getting closer and closer to a flu-like viral quarantine with fever, but always with greater interest. More lightness, although it always keeps attention. Covid is less scary today. But she’s always there, with a different face, just as sneaky as always.

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