What Djokovic said in Australia, the minutes

I am not a restaurant. Novak Djokovic, on the night between January 5 and 6 at Melbourne Airport, answered questions from officials who had canceled his visa to enter Australia. Details of the Serbian tennis player’s statements appear after the decision of Judge Anthony Kelly, who accepted the athlete’s appeal: Djokovic can stay in Australia, although he risks expulsion due to a possible decision by the Minister of Immigration.

The Sydney Morning Herald detailed Djokovic’s answers to Border Force officials’ questions. “I am a professional tennis player and the main reason for coming to Australia is to attend the Australian Open in Melbourne, Victoria. I am not a restaurant. I have had tennis sickness twice. I had it in June 2020 and got it recently. Test result was positive on December 16 ) 2021, and I have the documents confirming this. If I want, I can provide them,” the 34-year-old from Belgrade said in the interview that began at 12.21 am on January 6th.

During the night, the items provided by the tennis player are insufficient. More information required soon. “So, would you give me 20 minutes to try and give information I don’t have? At 4 am? You put me in a ridiculous situation, at 4 am I can’t call the head of the Australian Federation, I can’t call anyone from the Victorian government. I don’t know what I can I’m telling you too, whatever they asked me to produce is here. I’ve arrived at one in the morning, and I don’t know what I can do now.” The question and answer continues until 8:30 AM. “I understand that you will cancel my visa of course. What does that mean? Am I going to a hotel? To the Covid hotel?” The tennis player explained that he would be staying at the Park Hotel, the building that hosts people waiting for a decision on entering the country.

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