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catch the shark Trapman Bermagoy In Australian waters it doesn’t seem to come out of this world. The yellow color of the mysterious sample spread on social media “prehistoric” I literally came out of the sea off Sydney. The star fisherman on Instagram Bermagui shared photos of the fish asking followers, users and experts to dispel their doubts: what species could it be? The appearance of the baby shark, in fact, is as disturbing as it is unusual: very large, almost human eyes. Sharp teeth and a brutally protruding jaw. A coarse-skinned killing machine with a pointed muzzle. The shark lived at a great depth, 650 meters from the surface of the water, and this would indicate its very ancient origin, as well as explain the special shape of the eyes, which impede the interception of the slightest presence of light.

According to some followers, this would be a cookout, “a little shark with an elongated, cigar-shaped body,” as La Stampa recalls. However, Bermagui rejects this hypothesis. certificate Dean GroupsDirector of the Coastal and Marine Laboratory at Florida State University: It will be a Centroscymnus owstoniSea dog. “In my external investigations, I arrest a few in The Gulf Of Mexico and on Bahamas. They came from a depth of 740 to 1160 meters. The path traveled by Long Beach Laboratory co-director at California State University, Professor Christopher Lowe: “he is one paper shark From deep water, which has already been spotted in Australian waters. “Waiting for a clear answer, this is good material for a new section of Steven Spielberg’s exciting saga.

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