What changes (even quick and quick) can be made to balconies and pergolas to better enjoy them this summer

What changes (even quick and easy) can you make to your porches and pergolas to better enjoy them this summer? Outdoor spaces of the home, such as porches and pergolas, become additional livable areas of the home in the summer, especially on hot days when spending days or evenings outdoors or relaxing is more pleasant. It is possible to make balconies and pergolas more beautiful to experience the summer. Let’s see how.

  • What modifications are possible in the balconies and pergolas to enjoy them to the fullest in the summer
  • How to adjust balconies and pergolas in summer and necessary permits

What modifications are possible in the balconies and pergolas to enjoy them to the fullest in the summer

According to applicable laws 2023, To enjoy the balconies and pergolas of the house in the best possible way in the summer, various changes can be made, both quick, structural and structurallike:

  • setting up barbecues or simple electric grill stations for outdoor lunches and dinners with friends and relatives;
  • windows to close off the veranda and create a better space, with windows that can be fixed or slid, to be able to open the veranda in the summer months;
  • Expansion of the balcony
  • place nice outdoor furniture, to make the covered part of the veranda or pergola more welcoming, such as outdoor sofas with armchairs, tables and chairs, swings and sun loungers as well as outdoor cupboards to be used as storages, etc .;
  • place plants, flowers and small hedges to make the veranda or pergola more beautiful and welcoming;
  • Large blinds to close off the pergola when needed.

How to adjust balconies and pergolas in summer and necessary permits

Depending on what modification is decided to be made to the veranda or pergola, structural or not, it is by law, It is necessary to request specific permits from the relevant municipality Or not, eg making the structure closed if it was initially opened.

To make this modification, whether it is a balcony or a pergola, the first thing to do is to request building permission from the municipality. According to the applicable laws, if open and movable gazebos or pergolas are built, it is not necessary to request any permit from the municipality or any other building permit, but if the structures constructed become closed and stationary, it is always necessary to first obtain a specific building permit otherwise there is a risk in construction abuse.

The only case in which by law a permit is not required to close a balcony is when the closed windows of the structure are VePa windowswhich are structures that protect from weather and are not fixed, are included in the works in the free construction.

No specific permit is required even to place the barbecue on the veranda or under the pergola, not even in the case of a stationary, brick-built grill. The laws in force state, in fact, that you do not need a building permit to build a brick grill in the garden, although it is a fixed amendment, because according to current legislation this type of work falls within those of free construction and it is not necessary any permission .

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