What are the secrets to avoiding that a summer mask can irritate the skin with heat and sweat?

With the arrival of summer, with fine days and sunset later and afterwards, many people spend more time outdoors. With these temperatures, living with the mask on the face, while waiting for a hold on commitment, becomes a real nightmare especially for those with extremely sensitive skin.

For this reason, some tricks and some little secrets can be adopted to prevent a summer mask from irritating the skin with heat and sweat.


Why is the skin irritated, especially in summer?

Many people may find they use the mask to go to work, shopping, or even for a simple walk in the long term Skin discomfort.

The constant use of a mask can exacerbate many problems such as acneAnd the Dermatitis e Rosacea. Often these issues are related to the texture of the mask or with everyday gestures that need to be changed.

Continuous use of the mask on the face causes blockage that can deteriorate with a change Hydrolipidic film.

This blockage phenomenon, which occurs especially in the summer due to the excessive water vapor produced during breathing, in addition to the sweat produced by the heat, can exacerbate the condition. Water vapor that does not dry out does not allow the skin to breathe as it is blocked by the mask.

Sensitive contact dermatitis can also worsen. Some masks may be made of materials that can irritate the skin.

For example, the metal bottom wire that needs to be shaped on the nose to make the mask stick to the face in the best way possible. Rubber may contain substances that can irritate the skin on contact with the skin, but the texture of the mask itself can cause problems as well.

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Incorrect use of the mask may also cause skin problems. For example, if we wear the mask and then want to reuse it, we may have skin reactions possibly due to cosmetics that left traces from the first use.

Another situation may occur when the mask is not washed off with appropriate soap and above all it is not rinsed well, leaving traces of detergent.

What are the secrets to avoiding that a summer mask can irritate the skin with heat and sweat?

  • It is important to use certified white masks, and possibly avoid synthetic fabrics
  • Use a natural or organic soap to wash the mask in case you want to reuse it
  • Change the mask regularly
  • Avoid harsh makeup
  • Clean and moisturize the skin well before and after using the mask

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