What are the risks if the tax bills for a third cancellation expired on May 9 last not paid

There are many, many taxpayers who did not pay the amounts related to the installments due in 2020 from their tax bills last May 9, the last effective date. Those who fall, in this case, are in the scrap area.

According to preliminary estimates, in fact, only one of the two taxpayers paid last May 9. Which means, it’s likely, for all the skimming decomposers, that a third got really bad. At least on paper as there may be news soon. Let’s see which ones.

With the scrapping advantage lost, in fact, the IRS can resume standard collection procedures. This means that the request to pay tax debts is not only in one solution, but also without the advantages of paying in installments and without the discounts that clearance offers. The same can be said, among other things, for equilibrium and excerpt.

What are the risks if the tax bills for a third cancellation expired on May 9 last not paid

In detail, those who paid by last May 9 remain in the game, with a third cancellation of tax bills, in order to pay installments that expired in 2021 with later deadlines. And those that will end in the year in question.

About what are the risks if the cancellation tax bills are not paid, moreover, the political clash has already begun a few days ago. In what Some parties that support the government majority I press to reopen the skimming.

Facilitated identification will likely reopen with the quarter cancelled, that’s why

That is, they are putting pressure on the Italian government, headed by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, to launch the process of canceling the quarter in a balanced way. Request for which some parties are requesting, among other things, reopening the terms of tax bills that expired in the run-up to the COVID-19 pandemic. That is, for the years 2018 and 2019.

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Among other things, half-swings in the junk game put many taxpayers in difficulty who did not find the money to pay it. Not only that, but also the Italian country in terms of combinations Cabinet Which is clearly below expectations. At a stage characterized, among other things, by an increase in the spread that will lead the Italian state to pay more for debt refinancing.


This is why the following deadlines for canceling tax bills are crucial so that you don’t lose all the benefits

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