What are the mechanisms of its formation and what happens to cells?

carcinogenesis It is the formation of a cellular alteration that over time can lead to the appearance of a tumor lesion. These changes can arise even decades before pests appear or disease is discovered.

What happens to the tumor cells?

The cell somehow goes crazy, loses its properties and becomes different from similar ones. We can identify the first spark The initiative, any external event that somehow interferes with the DNA. This element can have a different nature: an excessive fat diet, harmful substances from smoke or a virus that modifies the genetic material of the cell. However, there are some mechanisms that can correct genes.

The mechanics are technically called repair enzymes and have the task of correcting the defect created in the genetic heritage. In addition, there are certain DNA sequences called Microsatellites, which work just like repair enzymes. However, sometimes it happens that the repair system fails to cure and therefore the malfunctions remain.

At this point, the cell is different from similar cells, but It’s not a cancer cell yet. It can remain in this state even for a long time. Only later and in the presence of what is known as a trigger, i.e. capable of converting genetic damage into a functional change, is it tumor process.

The triggers are genes called carcinogen, which are usually at rest and stimulate cell proliferation, which helps tumor growth. Against them, however, we have a control mechanism, and antigens. If the malignant component triumphs in this challenge, the cell becomes malignant.

What are malignant cells?

Malignant cells become able to produce themselves independently, can invade other tissues and reproduce from a distance, i.e. can spread. This process can be faster or slower. Usually, the development of the tumor takes a long time, from 5 to 20 years. Some forms of leukemia However, they make exceptions. And not all organs are equally exposed, because there are different mechanisms of cell proliferation of organs.

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