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Are you going to nice book vacation in londonOr have you moved to England’s charming capital and largest city and don’t know when you’ll have some festive days to deal with? Here’s a quick reference guide for i Public holidays in London in 2023 To help you Organizing and planning to the best your activities.

On public holidaysIndeed, many gods Shopsfollower attractions and some Business Remain open, but some They may have reduced hours or not be open Absolutely. Furthermore it, Public transportation may also vary: That’s why it’s important to be aware of this information before you leave so that no nasty surprises happen! In addition to these special events to attend Some of the city’s most interesting and fascinating traditions. So let’s go together to find out Public holidays in London in 2023.

Public holidays in London from January to December 2023

starting from January 2023Let’s see what the files are Public holidays in London do not work.
Monday, January 2nd (New Year’s Day was celebrated): In fact, although the New Years in London It is the first public holiday of the year. In 2023, January 1st will fall on a Sunday. As with all public holidays in the United Kingdom, an alternative public holiday is declared if new years It falls on Saturday or Sunday. Normally, this is the following Monday: for this reason January 2nd will also be a day off from work.
We jump straight to April: Friday 7 and the Good Friso called in Italy Good Fri, or the Friday before Christian Easter. Also the following Mondayany April 10thIt’s going to be a party: it isEaster Monday.
We now turn to Could: Monday 1 and the Monday 29 will be straight Early May bank holiday And the Spring bank holiday.
As for summer vacation Monday 28 August there will be Summer Bank Holiday.
So we come directly to a month DecOfficial holidays in which you will not work Monday 25 (Christmas day) And the Tuesday 26 (Boxing Day).

Know and discover public holidays in London

Well, together we found out what they are Public holidays in London in 2023 And what are the moments Employment free. But you are curious to find out Something more about the history of these ceremonies? Let’s go in order, going through the holidays in common with Italy: we have already talked about New Year’s Eve and there is not much to add about Easter Friday and Monday or Christmas. But what about the holidays in May and August?
the May 1 It is also celebrated in Italy as Labor DayAnd the But in London L’There is a double story in early May bank holiday: Yes, it’s International Workers’ Day, but Also an ancient celebration of spring, birth and fertility that occur in nature. some May Day traditions are still very much alive in many towns and villages in the United KingdomCeltic people celebrate Beltane feast On the first of May – halfway between spring and summer – by running “Belt fireIn fact, fire was thought to purify and increase fertility: some rituals still exist today, such asCoronation of the May Queen (a replica of the Roman goddess Flora) f pole dance. The latter provides the decoration of a tall column with colored bands around it children.

the May 29 instead of, Spring bank holidayWell, it’s a vacationLast Monday in May. Different traditions Still preserved today, eg Running behind is a large, round cheese that is being rolled down a hill At Copper Hill in Brockworth, Gloucestershire. The roots of this custom probably go back to the ancient Romans or Britons, who may have considered it a Fertility ritual Or a way to grant villagers the right to They graze their cattle in the surrounding lands. In Endon, Staffordshire, locals carry a Party SweetenedCrown a girl to be the prom queen and compete to throw bales of hay as high as possible.
the Aug 28And the Summer Bank HolidayIt marks the end of summer. In London takes place Notting Hill Carnivala street festival It is famous for its vibrant costumes, dances and music played by bands. The festival has been held annually since 1965 and was oIt was originally organized by immigrants from the Caribbean to protest racism, and the poor working and housing conditions they experienced. Today It’s a celebration Multicultural In addition to one of the most famous carnivals in the world.
Were you aware of the fascinating and interesting story behind some of the public holidays in the English capital? If the answer is yes, then you certainly now have some excuse to visit the city during one of these anniversaries, and take part in some wonderful centenary or millennium traditions that still carry on today. We can only wish you a pleasant stay in one of the most charming cities in Europe!

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