What are the controlled bank and postal current accounts and how to avoid fines and reports

It takes little for the current account holder to end up under the watchful eye of the tax authorities. From frequent cash withdrawals and large amounts, to cash payments that, in the same way, can be considered of dubious origin.

In other words, the checking account, in addition to being a useful money management tool, is also the account in which the tax authorities, who have the power, can carry out checks and discover any anomalies or inconsistencies.

Moreover, checking accounts are often performed when a citizen, through the ISEE, receives grants, contributions, subsidies and other privileges that could not be owned solely by the state. But also regional or municipal. So let’s see, for all holders of bank or postal checking accounts, how to work so that we never have to deal with tax authorities, thus avoiding penalties and reports. Among the unauthorized income from which it will then be necessary to pay taxes with fines. And up to the risk of being accused of violating anti-money laundering legislation.

What are the controlled bank and postal current accounts and how to avoid fines and reports

In detail, and above all, it must be said that there are no limits for cash withdrawals and payments. But as long as the taxpayer always has the proofs of the origin Capital.

Moreover, for fund withdrawals, although there are no limits, care must be taken to respect the legal limits set Pay off. In particular, cash payments can currently be made up to a maximum of €1,999.99.

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Having said that, what are censored bank and postal accounts? It’s all on paper, but tax authorities generally only step in when there’s a huge gap between what’s declared and what’s owned. As well as in terms of how much you spend.

Because even those who have not been dealt with are likely to be at risk from the controls

Moreover, the IRS not only intervenes when there are many suspicious movements on the current account, but also when operations are rare. On the other hand, it turns out that the taxpayer’s lifestyle is clearly superior to his real possibilities.

For example, those who own luxury cars and have a checking account with a small balance can end up under the watchful eye of the tax authorities. It can also be assumed that the luxury car owner actually lives on undisclosed and therefore unauthorized income.

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