What are the best oils to use in an air fryer? full list

Cooking food in an air fryer is definitely one of the favorite methods in the kitchen, thanks to the speed of cooking and the use of very little oil. Did you know that some oils are better than others when using an air fryer? Read our list of the best air fryer oils based on What foods you’re preparing, the cooking temperature and also the burning point of the oil you’re using.

Why do I need oil in an air fryer?

You may be wondering if Air fry, you don’t have to use oil. You definitely won’t need to use oil the same way you would fry foods in a frying pan, and certainly not in the same amounts. But you should still use a little oil when preparing recipes in your air fryer, and we explain why. Foods with hot air flow quickly and a little oil should be used to give them that crunchy, brown, and soft touch.

They exist instead Foods that do not require the use of oil, usually frozen, eg pounds fried potatoChicken nuggets, pounds Potato croquette Or rustic, where the oil is already in the production process. On these types of foods, it will not be necessary to spray any kind of oil.

What does it mean that an oil has a burning point?

I Oil smoke points The temperatures at which the heat causes the oil or fat to smoke. Depending on which one is used, different levels of heat should be set, as it will start smoking above those levels.

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By heating beyond the smoke point, the oil begins to release free radicals and a chemical called that acroleinIt is the same thing that gives burnt foods their typical taste and smell.

For this there is a list of oils to use when using an air fryer. You can use almost any oil in your air fryer, but you must choose the right oil for the recipe you’re making.

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What are the best oils to use in an air fryer?

Air fryer oils

Here is a list of oils you should use in your air fryer. Let’s start with what we think is the best etc. Pay close attention to the burning point and the type of recipe you are preparing.

  • avocado oil – 270 degrees smoke
  • ghee (refined butter) – smoke point 250 degrees
  • olive oil – smoke point 240 degrees
  • Soy oil Smoke point at 234 degrees
  • Coconut Oil Smoke point 232 degrees
  • peanut oil Smoke point 232 degrees
  • Vegetable oil Smoke point 230 degrees
  • Extra virgin olive oil – 180 degree smoke
  • ghee – 175 smoke degrees

How much oil do you use when air-frying food?

Although every recipe is different, you do need to use oil to coat foods. For best results, you need a spray bottle that sprays the spray. For example, most baked recipes will need a little oil. Like Homemade cutletAfter it has been breaded, it should be put on the basket and sprinkled with oil, then in the middle of the cooking process it is turned over and sprinkled on the other side, this prevents it from drying out and not crunchy at all.

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Can I use cooking spray for an air fryer?

A problem with some cooking sprays, they can create a sticky, rubbery surface that can spoil the non-stick properties of your basket. So if after several uses you see that the basket tends to get damaged, avoid using it or change the brand. We use sprayleggero oils that you can find in supermarkets or Onlinewith discount code sprayer 10 savings

Can I use olive oil in an air fryer?

Of course you can, however, due to the low degree of combustion of olive oil, it is better to use it only in those recipes below 240 degrees.

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