What are the best alkaline foods to include in your daily diet

Among the many possible diets there is also one called alkaline. Also known as the acid-base diet, the alkaline diet is a good diet for your health and can also treat many Diseases.

In this regard, however, there is no confirmation and Scientific evidenceHowever, it is good to know the best alkaline foods to include in the daily diet. This is also because they are foods that have powerful natural properties and are often low in calories.

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Here are the best alkaline foods to include in your daily diet

In detail, among the alkaline foods, lemon stands out, although it is acidic, in fact it generates an alkaline effect on the human body. Alkalizing garlic is also known for its powerful natural anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and antiseptic properties.

Just like the roots, tubers and green leafy vegetables fall into the alkaline foods category. Hence, among others, carrots, kale, beets and radishes, but also spinach and cruciferous vegetables. From cabbage to cauliflower, through broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Among the vegetables and alkaline vegetables are also celery and cucumber, while among the fruits stand out avocados, grapes and apples.

Alkaline and acidic foods for a varied and balanced diet

All that is mentioned is without a doubt healthy foods that should be varied and included in the daily diet. But unlike the so-called alkaline diet, these foods should be added to a diet that includes, among other things, bread, meat, eggs, fish, legumes and cheese in appropriate amounts. On the contrary, in fact, non-alkaline foods are called acidification. And to get a balanced diet, you really need both.

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