What are seniority upgrades?

Over the years, workers undergo salary increases linked to so-called seniority steps. It is about subordinate workers who have stayed for many years in the same company. Let’s see how they work and how much the salary can increase.

what is it Seniority shots? I confessprize’ Given by an employer or company to a worker who has been in the workplace for a long time. I am a real voice for Salaryallowing you to earn more after a certain number of years.

Seniority shots: what are they?

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Let’s see first What are seniority shots?. In short, it is one of the components of workers’ remuneration, which constitutes the monthly salary. The number of shots and the years needed to complete them are determined by the national collective agreement. It is usually made by From 5 to 15 roundsEvery two, three or four years.

Seniority steps: an example

Let’s see an example of a seniority step. In the CCNL Trade It is written that accrued length of service in the same company or group of companies entitles employees to ten increments for three years. The number of commercial employee clicks varies by qualification and al staffing level In the company.

Seniority snapshots: what are they for?

Let’s see now What seniority shots are available to workers?. Quite simply, it’s an effective way to try to build loyalty employee, thus avoiding that he can change jobs often. The goal of companies is to retain employees as much as possible.

How to check compliance with the rules?

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Let’s see finally How to verify that the worker will apply the rules Proper steps of seniority, as required by the national employment contract. To do this, you just need to check for the existence of a file Seniority shots Due each month to the worker, within Salary which is delivered every month.

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