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They were born many years ago and yet they have only been talked about for a decade. It is an electronic sport, also known as eSports, is a new generation form of entertainment that promotes basketball, tennis, soccer and more. Before talking about the areas of application, let’s try to define them by briefly telling their story. First of all, by esports we mean video game tournaments that are played on a competitive level. The first encounters in the USA took place in the late 1970s with Space Invaders by Atari, and were followed by those featuring notable titles including Super Mario Bros. by NES. Over time, these tournaments have become progressively more complex: in addition to creating dedicated stations, teams have been created made up of many professionals from around the world, who today compete in Dota 2 and League of Legends.

A new way to experience the NBA

Overseas basketball has taken advantage of the success of esports to form an interesting partnership with the latter: in 2018, the first season of the NBA 2K League was opened, a virtual tournament where 22 franchises made up of the most powerful esports players are present. The matches, which are played inside the NBA 2K League Studio in New York, are broadcast live on Twitch. By connecting to this popular platform, anyone can see and comment on it.

Even tennis is not found ready

Tennis was not found unprepared and decided to imitate basketball from the outside, organizing digital tournaments Associated for example with Roland Garros. The qualifying stages were held at the end of February; Only starting from the end of April, the hottest stage will be entered, where 8 video game professionals will compete against each other. For this sixth edition, the creators of the event wanted to team up with Women in Games, an international body that aims to make gaming a better place for women.

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Football and eSports: recent sporting adventures in Rome, Inter and Milan

In addition to basketball and tennis, esports has a close relationship with soccer. In fact, for several years now, the main clubs in Serie A, Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga have chosen to challenge each other on virtual grounds by creating valuable esports squads. Rome, for example, hired three eSports specialists to make a difference in the eFootball Open 2022. They succeeded, reaching the final in 3rd/4th place losing to Celtic. We will see if he can do better now that he is participating in the 2023 edition, which will be held in Barcelona and which will last 4 months. In addition to Roma, who have been very active on several fronts in recent years with their 13 sports clubs, Inter and Milan are also present, as they faced each other on the first day. The derby that took place on 13 February saw Milan win all three matches, by scores of 2 to 0, 2 to 1 and 3 to 1.

Is poker an electronic sport?

But winning is not enough, whether in football or in sports in general. a reason? Because it is necessary to look further, and focus on values ​​such as integration and inclusion, which are of particular interest to the youngest. Therefore, the transmission of positive messages should be the basis of esports, which, among other things, is winking in social networks. Certainly not out of habit, but to create community. This is also true of The so-called hybrid esportsincluding poker, an electronic sports / skill game that uses social networks to broadcast live on the occasion of the most beautiful tournaments, but also to offer fun tutorials for those thinking of getting closer to this world.

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What is the value of the gaming sector today?

It is not easy to determine the value of the gaming sector today, due to its endless expansion. But we can get an idea by looking at the data from a few years ago: it is estimated that in the biennium 2019-2020 revenue came close to 75 billion. A small additional curiosity: the most used platforms are YouTube and Twitch, and probably also the most popular in the near future.

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