What answers can finance provide?

The Young Factor event, promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo and the Observatory of Perpetual Young Publishers, began with the main themes closely related to the current economic and financial situation of the country. The big hand can come from young people and their passion for finance: let’s deepen the question!

Main interests related toInflation, increase in margins and public debt, which puts Italy in an increasingly borderline situation. Loss of purchasing power is another highly debated issue for which innovative solutions are being sought. However, important answers can come to families and businesses world of money.

Let’s see how and what can be done in the following paragraphs.

Young Publishers: Speech by former Governor Trichet

European Central Bank

Former European Central Bank Governor Trichet inaugurated the work of the observatory. Mario Draghi’s predecessor is known as a healer The early stages of the Great Recession, but without having an effect, perhaps out of fear of adopting overly expanding measures. Trichet calls on us to “avoid the destabilization of medium-term inflation expectations”.

Indeed, according to him, markets often tend to overthink fear and crises, which are often less pervasive and dangerous than thought. Then the first man intervened in Abi Batweli, who said that One cannot accumulate public debt forever.

Young Publishers: Mattarella’s Message

European Central Bank

Business has also been opened by President of the Republic Mattarellawho issued a warning to European Central Bank bankers:

“What they will do to meet the challenges of our century, for the benefit of the progress of the younger generations, will be a useful exercise. Bringing the question of the relationship between the values ​​of society and growth in financial activities to the heads of the European Union’s financial bodies constitutes an important moment in the dialogue between civil society, youth and institutions “

For the duration of the surgery it was performed Ample space for young peoplewhich has always been considered the fulcrum of all hope for the future.

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