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strawberry supermoonstrawberry supermoonThursday 24 June There was a great one Almost Supermon and call”of strawberry“.
We attach some pictures of the show.

Let’s try to understand when the supermoon occurs and why it will be called so.
If you have one Super Moon When the satellite is in the full moon phase (full moon) and at the same time at its closest point to Earth (perigee), on this occasion we may note that the moon will be slightly larger (8-10% larger) than normal and therefore its brightness will be greater (15 % More).
Stage begeo Whatever happens A few hours before the full moon, So we will have one Almost supermoon. Despite this, the show will still be very impressive.

but why of strawberry“Of course we won’t see a strawberry moon, let alone a red moon. This name has been set before Algoncini, a Native American tribe, as it happens at this time of year strawberry harvest. However, in the ancient continent, this moon is also known asroses moon“Because it’s the week that these flowers bloom, which gives them such an unusual scent.

the term superluna coined by Astrologer In 1979 (Richard Knoll) and for this very reason he is not respected by the scientific community. Astronomers prefer to refer to the phenomenon in a pair of less understandable terms, “perigee-syzygy.” The first term refers to the period when the Moon is closest to the Earth, and the term “sygyzy” is used to indicate the alignment of three celestial bodies belonging to the same gravitational system.

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The moon with some passing cloudsThe moon with some passing cloudsThe moon comes out of the cloudsThe moon comes out of the cloudsgetting more beautifulgetting more beautiful

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