What a battle with the German Altmir

US Open, Sener flies to second round: What a battle with German Altmer. How much effort did the talent of South Tyrol put in who only won in the fifth group

I frankly admitted, Yannick Senerfrom not knowing which opponent he had to face in the first round in US Open. And 24-year-old Danielle Altmaier turned out to be very difficult to break.

Yannick Sener (La Presse)

The match is valid for 64 / IMI of Championship Final Flushing Meadowsthe last of four Grand Slam tournaments of the season, saw the 21-year-old talent from San Candido No. 11 start on the wrong foot.

Altmeier has already won the first set 7-5 It enables us to make the most of the mistakes of our young athlete.

kafir At that point, he took the chair, and in the second and third sets, he swept eloquently 6-2 6-1It emphasized the rights of the class and its clear superiority over the opponent.

But when everyone took an easy end to the match in the fourth game, Altmaier made up for it and after grabbing Sener’s serve, he closed in 6-3.

It was necessary to reach the fifth group that Yannick Sener He regained complete control of the match by dryly smashing the German tennis player 6-1.

US Open, second-round sinner: his next opponents

Yannick Sener (La Presse)

At the end of the game, contentment and a sigh of relief can be breathed into the clan kafir: Be the coach Simone Vagnozzi From the super trainer Darren Cahill They stressed the importance of winning a match in which Yannick certainly did not express himself at his usual levels.

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The South Tyrolean athlete himself realized that he had taken an important step in his growth path, realizing that from this moment on, anything could happen.

And also because the next opponent, the semi-unknown American Christopher Eubanks It does not appear to be an insurmountable obstacle. There are all requirements, after this painful victory, that kafir It can go a long way in a tournament much like a graduation exam.

Reaching the bottom of the US Open means having the ingredients for a future champion. It’s kind of what everyone thinks Yannick Sener.

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