Western Australia: Travel to another world

When you decide to go to Australia, you already know that it will be a long and different adventure journey. A model that is fully confirmed if you put your finger on it Perth, the capital of Western Australia. An undoubtedly original option compared to Sydney or on the beaches of Queensland, but definitely a great vacation One great adventure funky beauty. Fear not, you will be rewarded a lot because Western Australia or simply WA, as Dai calls it Sweetened, Many tricks up his sleeve.

One of these is Perth which can now be accessed Comfortable direct flight from Rome that Qantas It will remain active until early October, then resume from next June. Sixteen hours non-stop is a long time, but once you reach your destination, the journey can begin without further travel and these details are by no means trivial.

The aspect that struck me immediately about the capital of Western Australia is Extraordinary calmorder and cleanliness. Not a paper on the floor, nor the sound of a trumpet e People are always ready to welcome you on “Good day, how are you?”. Things from a rural villageHowever, Perth is a large and modern city, with more than 2 million inhabitants, almost all of the population of the largest state in Australia.

Sunset and relax very quietly

This is the first lesson you learn at these latitudes: There you are in no hurry. Take it easy, enjoy it! By actually assimilating this mantra, time seems to pass more slowly and even if the winter sunset arrives at 6pm, the days are long and satisfying.

visit to Western Australian Museum Paula Bardeep Or the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA) is a great opportunity to get into it many stories What this country can offer and learn about the millennial Aboriginal culture that will somehow accompany you on your journey. But to get close to mood local there are others Three rituals to perform.

The first is to enjoy the city beaches Which this season is also a destination for surfers: Scurborough, Cottesloe and Trigg Beach are among the most interesting. The second ritual is Enjoy the sunseta landscape of nature in Australia has something magical, perhaps because the light seems to be lost in it Really endless horizon. Suitable places are those offered by the beaches overlooking the Indian Ocean, and from the view offered by the Crown Towers Hotel in East Perth along the banks of the Swan River, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city skyline.

The third rite is a folk evening Which can start with a go-to dining (dinner very early) perhaps in the upscale nearby Fremantle, continue with live jazz at Ellington Club and finish with a cocktail at several rooftop bars including one of the Double Tree Hotel in Perth Waterfront which offers Also an enviable 360 ​​degree view.

If the legitimate feeling is that these things can also be done in places close to our home, just take a rental car and start exploring Western Australia, considering we are in An area 8.5 times the size of Italy. To manage astronomical distances, it pays to always gravitate around Perth but without giving up trying some of the really typical elements of this place.

Coca, kangaroo and premium wine

Animal encounters are obviously one of them, especially if you’re face to face Coca، , small and very beautiful marsupial mammals that have a permanent colony a Rottnest IslandIt can be reached by ferry in about thirty minutes from Fremantle. While kangaroos can be seen more easily in the area Margaret River South Perth, famous for its wine production.

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