Western Australia has reopened its borders: the first direct flight to the destination will depart from Rome

Chile Creek, Dampier Peninsula (c) Tourism in Western Australia

The Western part of Australia He announced the new requirements for entry and reopening of the country’s borders to national and international travelers as of last Thursday, March 3, 2022. The plan for the full reopening of the border scheduled for January 20, 2022 has been postponed due to an ” increase in Omicron cases but is now aimed at bringing back tourists who traveled before Epidemic to destination: From Italy, there were more than 11 thousand who chose Western Australia, which leads to their ranking among the best European destinations in terms of number of visitors and for this reason the first direct flight connecting Europe and Australia. “Saving lives and reducing the number of hospitalizations and critically ill people is worth the short wait, which has made it possible to protect as many Western Australians as possible,” said the Western Australian prime minister. Mark McGowan.

The full opening of the border will allow travelers from other Australian states to travel safely to Western Australia as well as international travelers with a vaccination certificate and test on arrival. Interstate travel is permitted in Western Australia with possession of the following

  • To have a G2G Pass
  • Triple dose vaccination if appropriate
  • Perform a rapid antigen test on arrival (within the previous 12 hours) and report
    Possible positive result.

International travelers will be accepted into Western Australia if they meet the following requirements:

  • Meet the Commonwealth’s requirements to enter Australia
  • Be fully vaccinated in accordance with Commonwealth requirements, if eligible
  • Be in possession of a registered G2G Pass
  • Take a rapid antigen test on arrival (within the past 12 hours) and report any positive result
  • Returning Australian residents who are not vaccinated will be required to complete a hotel quarantine period.

The state government is currently offering all cross-state and international arrivals two rapid, self-administered antigen tests, while starting March 3 a test will be made available on each arrival to meet the new interim checks. These temporary testing arrangements will be in effect for at least two weeks; After that, they will be subject to continuous review.

Precisely because of the importance of the destination Italy, Qantas decided to restore the direct Rome-Perth flight after a few years of absence: the date is set for 23 June 2022, when Australian airline Qantas will open the flight, with the final destination Sydney. Seasonal contact, lasting 15 hours and 45 hours
Accurate and scheduled three times a week until October 6, 2022, the first in history to operate a non-stop flight between the continent of Europe and Australia and the distinction of the Italian capital as the only direct point of contact between the two continents.

So Italian travelers will have another reason to choose Western Australia as their (and not only) summer vacation destination, knowing that they can certainly count on the wonderful diversity of the territory. Fantastic beaches and seabeds for those who want to relax in coastal life or try out various water activities (including surfing, snorkeling or whale watching), and boundless desert landscapes that offer the opportunity to leave for a suggestive road trip or stay overnight In a tent under the starry sky for lovers of outdoor life and adventure. Once again, there are many food and wine itineraries for those who love fine wine and discover new culinary delights, unique experiences to discover authentic Aboriginal culture in relation to its traditions, many options dedicated to sustainability and concern for the environment and even more. More in a destination for all seasons: Depending on the time of year, it is possible to visit different destinations in the heat depending on whether it is north or south of the tropics.

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