We’re heading towards cancellation, ‘That’s worse’ There’s not much to celebrate

Auto Tax: We’re heading towards cancellation, but let’s see why we don’t have to be too happy with the new venture.

The car tax may face a real revolution, but most likely it will not be a huge advantage for citizens. As of this year, the favorable conditions for paying vehicle tax have expired that we benefited from during the covid pandemic, so everything should go back to normal.

So the car tax is paid on the last day of the month following the registration of the car, and paying it is a duty on all taxpayers who own a car. But let’s see the new abolition project and its more problematic aspects. Until now, paying car tax was a specific legal obligation. For those who violate this obligation there have been specific penalties and clearly still remain.

A real revolution, but a bumpy penguin

For a few weeks of delay, the interest to be paid will be very low, but over time You can reach the maximum penalty for pulling out the number plates and also the registration certificate at which point the car can no longer circulate. But let’s see the new proposal to abolish the car tax, which invigorates parliamentary action. According to the parliamentarians who proposed this project, the abolition of the car tax would be an environmental measure, so to speak.

Environmental reasons

In fact, according to them, the car tax can actually be abolished as long as the state increases taxes on fuel. Their logic is simple: Whoever owns a car but uses it little or not at all is not entitled to pay the car tax while on the other hand, in this way, those who actually consume more petrol and thus pollute more will be charged more. So, if the idea of ​​abolishing the car tax will surely please all Italians who hate this tax, the methods these parliamentarians have chosen to abolish this tax are certainly not very pleasant.

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In fact, in the end, what you remove from the road tax is returned to gasoline and then in this period Talking about an increase in gasoline prices would ignite a real revolution in the country. So, while this proposal is already being discussed, there is frankly little chance of it passing.

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