We’re dealing with an endless summer (which is far from beautiful…)

The ‘African feather’, as experts have dubbed it, will bring unusually high pressure and temperatures well above the season average across the UK.

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The autumn we are witnessing this year is certainly one of the hottest and driest in the history of the European continent. As we explained to you in This articleIn the coming weeks, our country will experience an unusual heatwave for the season, which will bring summer-like temperatures (with peaks of 30°C on the main islands) at least until the first ten days of November.

But it’s not just Italy that has to deal with a summer that shows no sign of cooler temperatures giving way. Extremely high temperatures are expected for this season across Europe, with France and Spain among the countries hardest hit by heat waves. Even the UK will experience frighteningly warm temperatures towards the end of this month. With peaks of up to 23 ° C.

British meteorologists have renamed it African Bloom – Or the African Feathers: This is the cyclone coming from North Africa specifically, which will bring high pressure and good weather in a territory, the British, which is characterized by low temperatures and intermittent rains – especially in the autumn.

Starting today, Brits will see a week that can be defined as summer, with temperatures in excess of 22°C (Wednesday will be the hottest day of the week) and scattered showers of very limited capacity. According to experts, temperatures in the south will be higher than those envisaged in the north. As the professor explains, Paul DaviesMeteorology at the MET Bureau:

October weather patterns appear to be moving with western or southwest airflow which may result in Atlantic weather systems across the UK at times, resulting in periods of rainy weather and potentially windy, of which a greater proportion will affect the North and West. Higher-than-average temperatures are expected in October.

The abnormal temperature conditions should continue until the end of the month, But the weather will not return to normal even in November and DecemberExperts predict that the next two months will still be characterized by unprecedentedly high pressure – even if the cold air flowing from the north will have more and more weight.

Their presence would be an obstacle to warmer air currents and increase the likelihood of cold spells with some threats of snow and ice, especially in northern regions. A return to “normal climatic conditions” is expected only at the beginning of next year, as high pressure is supposed to finally leave British soil, favoring unstable weather conditions with rain, wind and snow.

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