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Wells hopes to finish second in Group A from Australia. Outside Scotland – OA Sport

there Women’s Rugby World Cup Sees the Italian dawn Group A closing: The New Zealand, already certain of precedenceOne step away from being there Best ever in the first stageWhile Australia ranks second with harpoons, but still risks crossing with one of the other first whales. The Wells, thanks to the defensive bonusexcept for the exciting results in group C, close to quartersfinally he Official Judiciary of Scotland.

L ‘Australia folds Wales 13-7: Oceanic leads straight at 5′ with a Batibasaga goal converted by Cramer, Europeans impact at 23′ with Harris notable for his conversion by Snowsill. In the first part, when the time comes, Kramer puts the Australians back together Day 10-7 you go to rest. In the second half, to move the score, it is necessary to wait for Kramer to position at 78′, which is worth 13-7 final.

there New Zealand beat Scotland 57-0: I am Seven goals for the angel in the first fractureof which five turned, to 45-0 you reach in the intervalwhile in recovery New Zealanders mark two more times (transform) to Final 57-0.

Group A results
Australia and Wales 7-13
New Zealand – Scotland 57-0

Group Classification A
New Zealand 15
Australia 8
Wales 5
Scotland 2

Photo: LiveMedia / Alfio Guarise

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