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2022 is difficult to determine the most promising 2023 closes and opens, but it is full of interest. In the United States, but perhaps also in the United Kingdom, they might use an effective term: “rollercoaster”. This year has really been full of fun, more than that: a unique roller coaster in a series of slowdowns and accelerations, ups and downs, demand expansion and decline due to inflation and sudden increases and deflations. The world of consumer technology, where tech newspapers have their roots iGizmo.it (B2C) e Touch Journal (B2B, Monthly Paper Trade) Publishing House Nelson Srl, basically it will close flat or with limited loss.

However, we do not want to talk about numbers, but about people and the horizon in relation to 2023. We leave a year behind many assertions: foldables represent the “next big thing” for mobility, whether they are dismissed as smartphones, tablets or computers; Broadcasting has now become the first asset of growth and interest for users. It is no coincidence that the major platforms are moving quickly to produce “live” events (sports and otherwise). Appliances large and small have reaffirmed their central role in the home, to meet family and personal needs for greater efficiency, respect for the environment and protection of investments (from the product itself to food, even clothing and kitchen utensils). In short, home wellness has evolved and changed the way we interact at home with both electronics and inside rooms. A simple example: Voice commands have become more than just a habit, they keep you company.

In 2022, other dynamics emerge as well, from the optimization of operating systems for smartphones, tablets and personal computers, to the dedication of new types of applications that focus on self-production of content rather than mere use. Once again, TV is the center of gravity for both smart home and entertainment, from TV series to movies with a quality that now surpasses cinema quality right through to games, creating a true bridge between console and mobile device.

Companies have shown flexibility in finding new ways to engage consumers. Product and features alone are no longer enough: the consumer wants the assurance of a purchase and expects their needs to be satisfied. This does not always mean striving for the pioneer but the goal is the right model. This is why mobile devices have seen an increase in the complexity of the functions on offer: they must be able to respond to increasingly vertical functional questions.

But the “heroes” of 2022 are wearables: it wasn’t until 2023 that the “old” year passed such a significant milestone. Smartwatches are the next evolutionary field for mobile services, connectivity, cars, smart homes, and so on. They break away from being an accessory of the smartphone and become a complement to the second screen of the smartphone, the gadget that must be plugged in and operated without giving up the basic functions but without taking out the mobile phone. Smartwatches will have an equivalent and complementary function in the eyes of consumers, but they must be able to count on simplicity of configuration and interaction that is still missing. Killer apps are centered around specific functions dependent on their intended use (outdoors, diving, fitness, etc.)

Then there were the people. Those of you who follow us constantly: In 2022, we averaged over 1.3 million unique users per month, over 3.5 million page views, and in particular, a lifetime of around 7 minutes. Thank you for your concern and patience, thank you for your willingness to read us and come back, motivating us every day to do a little better. People also work in companies and we thank them for their support and support, which is another component that helps us constantly understand where and how to improve. Then there are people on this side of the screen who go out of their way to provide news, insights, comments, specials, files, articles, etc., with a lot of passion, interest, and desire to give you our best. It can be done.

Our commitment is to keep getting better. We will already do this at the beginning of 2023, but during the year we expect many different news: some of them, perhaps, are unexpected. In the meantime, we salute you and thank you for everything. And we wish you a wonderful 2023: which will bring us, if nothing else, a breeze, if only a little, of positivity regarding the realities and the critical economic situation in Italy and in the world. That would indeed be a promising start.

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