Well, a dream European country gives away three-bedroom apartments on the beach for €40,000

There is a European country (which is among the most beautiful and beloved of all) where a house can cost very little. Even a quarter of what it would cost in Italy. We are talking about a country that we Italians love very much, and we recognize it as similar to ours, as well as beautiful.

In short, you will understand that we are talking about Greece. And it is not just summer and summer parties, it is synonymous with culture and entertainment and great destinations for lovers of history and architecture, as well as theater and literature. But it is also where cities like Athens present the best examples of contemporary art and new trends.

Not everyone knows that there are very cheap houses in Greece, but it is all true. They are many and can be found all over the country. However, finding them is quite easy and that is why more and more youngsters and travelers are thinking of buying one.


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There are many websites that collect Greek real estate offers however There is one in particular Which exclusively collects homes costing less than €50,000. And for those who want to buy a house in Greece, but have a low budget, it is really ideal.

On the site there are houses for 45,000 euros, but also for 40,000 and even less. Up to small property to renovate for sale 20 thousand euros. In short, more or less than a tenth of the cost of an average home. Incredible deal, right?

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