Welcome to Casa Diamante, Australia

We walk over the Allino Bridge, which connects the botanical gardens to the driveway to the house. Allino Square. Alino Restaurant. and the Aleno, which he almost only uses to go to training. Melbourne, Italy. Diamond House. Alino house. Family thumbnail Alessandro Diamante, better known as Aleno“built” himself so as not to suffer Saudization – for the time being, not even a shadow – with his wife Silvia And their three beautiful children: EileenAnd the Olivia And the Thaddeus. to the two dogs, Jenna And the Gaston. and to two yellow-crested parrots, now members of the family, who appear on the windowsill every morning and evening, with Swiss regularity, for a loaf of bread or a piece of cake. Gluten free.

We were moving from Melbourne, we were guests of the former blue champions who were hired by Al-Waleed Western United in 2019 (champion club he coaches John Aloisiformer Cremonese striker, do you remember?) and quickly became an idol in Italian society and fans and a valuable point of reference for his teammates: for his experience, his dismissal and…. empathy. Unmatched.

After helping to rescue Livorno in Serie B, he could navigate through the daisy to see where to end his career between Parma-Lecce and other smaller arenas. One phone call changed his life. And the future. Because no matter how long the Diamonds play, Australia has literally charmed him.

Welcome to the world of Alino!

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