Weird West uscirà su Xbox Game Pass Day 1 –

strange west It will come out directly in Xbox Game Pass the First dayThe WolfEye Studios team reported through a tweet on their official account, with the game arriving in Microsoft’s subscription service catalog which will therefore be live on launch day.

We saw last month that Weird West has been pushed back to 2022, with a new release date setJanuary 11 2022And now we also have confirmation that on that day, the game will be available directly on Xbox Game Pass, and therefore can be downloaded and accessed for free by subscribers to the service. The title in question, in case you haven’t followed the question, is a certain RPG that invokes some characteristics of divinity but puts everything in a Western context, but in a somewhat different sense than usual.

Published by Devolver Games and announced in 2019 by one of the Dishonored and Prey co-creators, Rafael Collantonio, founder of WolfEye after its release from cornersRecently, the game was also analyzed using a new experience posted on these pages.

Strange West combines the elements Fantasy with the typical setting of the West, which shows battles against supernatural beings and a host of characters, each with a rather deep description. From a gameplay point of view, the Hulk is an RPG style but obviously with heavy use of firearms, in a mixed combat system.

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