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‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Moderates Debit in ‘We All Doomed’ video

“Weird Al” Yankovic collaborated with Gregory Brothers on a comedy musical in the Tuesday night presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden with a video for the song “We All Doomed.” The satirical presentation of Jankovich and Gregory Brothers neatly summed up the general consensus that followed the discussion: “We are all doomed to failure,” Jankovi? Hysterically shouted, following a thorny cry to open the clip.

The visual sees Jankovi? Intervening for Chris Wallace to film the medium. He mocks, and mirrors some of the illogical responses that ensued during the event before tackling some topical questions.

“2020 is a raging inferno scene,” he sings as he poses the first question. “Any ideas how to stop a global pandemic?” Jankovi? Also addresses economics, the Supreme Court, and climate change as candidates’ words are automatically tuned into fine-tuned responses.

Next month, Jankovich’s collaborator John Schwartz will release his new book, Black, white and weirdly ubiquitous: The Lost Pictures of Weird Al Yankovic ’83 – ’86, Which features unprecedented black and white photos taken by Jankovi in ​​video sets and recording studios as the artist rose to the mainstream. The duo recently shared 16 photos from the upcoming book and discussed their photos Background stories with Rolling rock.

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