weights? It only takes a few seconds a day to increase strength by 10%.

Stretching the arm muscles for a few seconds improves our strength by 10%. Just do this exercise…

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February 21

– Milan

Those who shy away from strength training often say they do so for reasons of time and energy: finding both isn’t always possible. but after That the muscles need to put some effort outside the norm Obviously not to succumb to old age (as the World Health Organization says so). So what do you do? The solution comes from the study on which it is based It only takes a very few seconds a day to get a 10% increase in strength..

A few seconds a day of weights for strength: the study

Researchers from Edith Cowan University (Australia) and Niigata University of Health and Welfare (Japan) asked 39 undergraduate students to perform Contract your muscles at maximum effort for 3 seconds a day, 5 days a week, for 4 weeks. The students only performed one Biceps curls are done in three different ways: isometric, concentric or eccentric. The researchers measured each group’s maximum voluntary contraction strength before and after the weight lifting program, as well as the strength of a group of 13 students who did not exercise at all during those four weeks. Results? Unpredictable …

  • According to researchers Doing one biceps eccentric exercise each day will result in the greatest increase in muscle strength of the other two methods. 10% more strength in one month.

Biceps exercise: what is it?

Although a normal biceps exercise includes all 3 movements that the scientists examined, the movement can be divided into 3 separate exercises.

  • Isometric contraction means that the muscle is stationary while carrying the weight.
  • Concentric curls are when the muscles shorten as we lift the weight up (the classic image of someone curling their biceps).
  • The eccentric contraction, on the other hand, occurs when the muscles are stretched as we lower the arm and move the dumbbells away from the chest.

Researchers found that all three methods of lifting provide benefits in muscle strength, but slightly more eccentric contraction. Students who performed eccentric curls for one month experienced a 12.8% increase in concentrated strength, a 12.2% increase in eccentric strength, and a 10.2% increase in isometric strength. Inclusive, Performing eccentric biceps exercises for 3 seconds appears to result in an 11.5% increase in total muscle strength after 60 seconds of total exercise for the month.. While in the other groups the strength gains were lower. “Although the mechanisms behind the powerful effects of eccentric contraction remain unclear, the fact that a maximum of only three seconds of eccentric contraction improves muscle strength in a relatively short period is important for health and fitness,” comments Professor Nosaka.

Good news for the elderly

The study authors believe that the results Especially important for seniors who may find it difficult to train for long periods of time. A simple 3-second exercise can help prevent the loss of muscle mass caused by aging and the inability to move, at least in the arms. “We haven’t studied other muscles yet, but if we find that the three-second rule applies to other muscles as well, we may be able to do a full-body workout in as little as 30 seconds,” Nosaka says. “Also because a maximum of one contraction per day above all avoids the risk of infection.”

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