Weekly and monthly draws on December 9th

Voucher Lottery, Double Appointment: Today Friday the 9th, being yesterday a holiday, the second weekly drawing of the five planned for December and the only monthly drawing scheduled took place. Let’s see in detail what the winning codes and relative prizes are.

Lottery of receipts

Friday, December 9th Double date with Receipts lottery: held today, in fact, both are new Weekly draw thatMonthly draw.

In the monthly draw 10 prizes of €100,000 for buyers and 10 prizes of €20,000 for exhibitors. For the weekly prize, on the other hand, there are 15 prizes reserved for buyers participating in the lottery, which becomes 30 prizes if we also take into account those who prefer dealers.

Let’s see each of them in detail win codes From the draws of December 9, 2022.

Lottery receipt: December 9th extract

Lottery receipt sticker

today Friday, December 9thdelayed by one day due to the Feast of the Immaculate ConceptionWeekly drawing of the voucher lottery 2022related to the expenses incurred From November 28th to December 4th. In addition, theMonthly draw.

For the weekly draw, there are a total of 30 prizes: 15 prizes of €25,000 for buyers and 15 prizes of €5,000 for exhibitors.

On the other hand, the monthly draw is ripe with possibilities:

  • 10 prizes of €100,000 for buyers;
  • 10 prizes of €20,000 for exhibitors.

We remember that for Check if you are a winner or not From the prizes can be accessed”lottery portalOn the website of the Revenue Agency: in the sectionmy receiptsAll documents obtained and recorded by the system and relevant identification codes are present.

In the event of winning, the same agency activated a warning message Visible from the moment of withdrawal to the next 90 days (the period for which the profit claim time expires).

Lottery Receipts: All winning codes

Payment - 5695697_1280

Here the 15 winning codes from the weekly draw on December 9th:

  • 1461-0089 88S25000535 06130004;
  • 1526-0075 53SNS300601 00360027;
  • 1467-0062 96SRT000401 38290002;
  • 0946-0133 53MN2022766;
  • 0621-0031 3BSDP002076 03710001;
  • 0619-0058 72EV5005646;
  • 1247-0098 99SEA003598 32230003;
  • 1140-0100 53MN2018034;
  • 0529-0010 99MEX085720;
  • 0990-0100 99MEY036673;
  • 1506-0120 53SNS301936 00250026;
  • 2019-0121 53SNS301226 61110002;
  • 0467-0014 1BITR000075;
  • 1554-0034 53SNS300621 00450027;
  • 1283-0003 3BIWB004700.

Below, however, i 10 winning codes in the monthly draw:

  • 1282-0009 3BIWB003368;
  • 1485-0021 96MK3006085;
  • 1212-0103 3BSDP001152 90820018;
  • 1450-0034 96SRT000418 05950005;
  • 1585-0215 ​​53SNS300279 00030005;
  • 0647-0104 96MK3022732;
  • 0909-0144 99MEX054416;
  • 1430-0170 53SNS302486 01080015;
  • 1829-0009 96MK3003799;
  • 1427-0109 3BIWB000112.

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