Weather – Tornado train crash in Alabama, United States; Heavy damage, here are all the details

Evening accompanied by isolated bad weather in the south center

the conditions the weather Within our peninsula they will tend to get better in the evening, day after bad weather Locally too intense and this has led to Noun To descend to mountain heights, especially in the central regions. However, low circulation will continue, which will help perpetuate instability conditions that will lead to local showers in the central and southern regions. On the other hand, the northern regions will remain dry.

Bad weather in the Arctic at the weekend, and snow even at low altitudes

Cold and Noun At low altitude it will affectItaly Also in the coming weekend as evidenced by the current modeling emissions of major computing centers. The continuous influx of currents from the northeastern quarters should lead to escalating turbulence from sectors of North Africa, resulting in poor weather conditions especially in the south with the risk of storms in Sicily and mountain snow on the central Adriatic side.. Temperatures in this context will continue to fall.

A series of hurricanes hit Alabama

Besides what is happening on our peninsula, we are now turning our attention to overseas where there have been strong and noticeable conditions for days. bad weather. Actually, for the past few days A series of 8 hurricanes struck some areas of Texas, causing massive damage, but fortunately no casualties and no casualties.. Today, in a neighboring countryAlabamaThe same fate struck, as we shall see in the next paragraph.

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